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Who We Are

By developing the potential, skills, training and safety of its teams, Dunya Constructions ensures unwavering quality at the cutting edge of industry practices. As an industry leader in construction and specializing in civil engineering, the company is distinctive not only for its design expertise but also for the efficiency of its management and the professionalism of its employees. Conscious of environmental issues, the company strives to make those concerns part of its portfolio.

As a business partner, Dunya Constructions focuses all of its efforts on client satisfaction; its projects are built to last for generations. The company is driven to perfect its management practices and attain the highest level of excellence. Dunya Construction's established work ethics and consideration for client expectations make meeting deadlines one of the core values.

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Project Expertise

Construction and infrastructure projects require years of planning and execution. We involve thousands of people and millions, if not billions, of dollars of investment. Each project demands a high level of orchestration, beginning with design and modeling, preparing the construction plan, budgeting, communicating detailed instructions, tracking variances and changes and ultimately handing over an as-built digital asset. As a true end-to-end solution that connects and simplifies all phases of the build, Dunya Constructions build drives the completion of projects safely, on time and on the budget.

We Build


Millions rely on safe airports. With paving control solutions, runways are made to withstand extreme weight and enable smooth takeoffs and landings.


Precision is key in bridge construction. Our guiding solutions ensure both sides come together perfectly and the surface can handle extreme pressure.


Highways are critical to economic stability. We offer solutions from first measurement to last repaving.

Commercial Buildings

Complete Construction Service provides general contracting, pre-construction consulting, design-build services, and construction management.