Hospitality Management

We Understand The Importance Of Maintaining The Morale Of Personnel - Especially When They Are Away From Their Loved Ones. We Have A Great Deal Of Expertise In The Layout And Design Of Galley And Living Quarters At Remote And Oil & Gas Job Sites.
Dunya Group Offers You A Full Menu Of Catering And Life Support Services, From Food Services To Housekeeping, Laundry, Janitorial, Transport, Maintenance, Security, Pest Control And Entertainment – And We Can Even Provide You With Instant Housing.
The Bottom Line Is That We Are Here To Provide Practically Anything And Everything That Your Workforce Needs To Stay Well Fed And As Comfortable As Possible At Any Jobsite Around The World. Wherever Your Business Takes You, Our Experienced Team Of Professionals Will Be There To Take Care Of Your Needs.

Camps / Housing

Well versed in remote land camp operations, serving meals at remote site camps across the Northern Iraq. Key to the comfort and well-being of your employees, we offer and support a robust selection of housing options. Whether it is triage, temporary, mobile or permanent housing, we can provide safe, clean and temperature controlled housing.


Standard protocol is to ensure that there is always a strong “management presence” at every jobsite. Members of our management team are present to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Catering - Food Supply

Solution for all of your catering requirements, whether it is in a war zone, land camp or anywhere else workers need a satisfying meal, we are there

On-Site Support

A fully integrated provider of life support services. Our chefs and nutritionists, logisticians and procurement staff, cleaning and security staff ensure that everything on site goes according to your expectations.

CIP Services(Airport Premium Lounge Services)

We offer usage of the Premium Lounge in EIA to our discerning customers who like to relax in style & comfort, while awaiting their flights.

Emergency Response

We take very seriously the critical role we play during deployment and are able to meet personnel needs for meal service, hand washing stations, potable water, power generation and lighting.