Business Principles

A goal without a plan is just a wish

Dunya Group works closely with its employees, clients, suppliers and subcontractors on all aspects of corporate social responsibility. We seek to achieve a balance between the short and the long term interests, and to make economic, environmental and social considerations an integral part of our strategic decision-making. We aim for open dialogue with the parties that will be involved/affected by our activities and we communicate in a timely and effective way with our external partners.

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Dunya Group is committed to being a responsible company. This means that we conduct our activities in accordance with the applicable ethical, professional and legal standards. We consider corruption, bribery and unfair competition to be unacceptable.

Health & Safety

We consider health and safety to be a top priority for our company. We are committed to the continual improvement of our performance in health and safety for all our employees and subcontractors and everyone involved with our activities, including the general public.

Equality & diversity

We offer a challenging working environment where everyone feels valued and respected. We are committed to the principle of equal opportunities and we ensure that job applicants and employees do not face discrimination on the grounds of gender, marital status, race, skin color, ethnic origin, religious belief, sexual orientation, disability or age.

Learning & development

We aim to create a learning culture and provide opportunities for our employees to fully apply their knowledge and skills in the service of the company. We will help our employees to continue their development in the interests of the company and its objectives.